Friday, August 19, 2022

Woman Wiggles Out of Cuffs in Back of Deputy's SUV Gets Hands on AR-15 and Shoots and Wounds Deputy and a Civilian


In Grady County, Oklahoma sheriff’s deputies were sent to see if residents were well
Having no idea what their presence at the door knocking would foretell
Not sure what caused a ruckus that led to Rachel Zion Clay being cuffed and put in the back of their SUV
While on the dash cam Clay aped a Houdini and slipped out of the cuffs behind her back to go free
If it ended there it would be a lesson to make sure the cuffs were tight
So the person in them could not squirm out and take flight or try to fight
But the failed police procedures to spin into deadly disaster
Hands free Clay was somehow able to get her hands on an AR-15 to quickly learn how to load it and then shoot it master
Shot out of the window to hit a civilian in the chest and graze a deputy’s head
Fortunately the civilian and the deputy will not end up dead
Why an AR-15 was reachable by a prisoner in the back or a police SUV
Leading to a situation of an armed escapee
Boggles the mind
Calling for procedures that would make this event one of a kind
Not in New York City
To benefit from Bragg’s pity
Clay charged with attempted murder now in jail
Until trial due to 1 million dollar bail
©  August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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