Monday, August 22, 2022

3 Wild Greg Saloons in Texas and Florida Doing Land Office Business While the 1 Minneapolis Shut Down Last Night Due to 2 Years of Red Ink Due to Crime and COVID Restrictions


Greg Urban was a successful restauranteur with 4 sites
The one in Minneapolis after 2 years of being in the red closed last night
We should feel sad for the 30 employees of Greg’s Wild Saloon who are now out of work
Victims of a Blue run city which suffered massive damage from riots and crime and COVID restrictions gone berserk
But not for Greg who was smart enough to open 3 in Texas and the Sunshine State
Business is going gang busters in all 3 and getting a table is usually subject to a long wait
His experience is not unique; across the nation the result is the same
In Blue run cities many of which suffered from the 2020 lootings and flames
Violent crime is running amok and eating out puts one’s life at risk
And the slow relaxing of COVID restrictions means that restaurant recovery is anything but brisk
Maybe the mayors’ and city councils’ motives in Blue run cities have noble goals
And see their COVID related restrictions police budget cuts as necessary in life saving roles
More likely it is a typical Blue need to control the residents’ lives
To validate they know what’s best for us to prosper and survive

© August 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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