Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Bail Fund in Minneapolis Harris Raised $35 Million For Recently Bailed Out a Serial Indecent Exposure Felon Who 3 Weeks Later Shot and Killed Someone With Whom He Had a Beef


In 2020 as Minneapolis was to the ground nearly burned down
The same looting and damage destruction also in many of the nation’s cities and towns
Kamala Harris maybe feeling guilt as the SFO D.A. racking up almost 2000  marijuana convictions
Was tweeting to urged donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund for bail to rioters that merited the “protestors” description
Thanks to her $35 million quickly raised but not sure if to the Fund she still donates
But not all is well with those the Fund bails out to their trial await
Shawn Michael Tillman who had been arrested for indecent exposure and not released on cashless bail
Had his bail posted by the Fund and lasted three weeks before his bail conditions failed
Rap sheet of numerous indecent exposures and three felonies one with a gun and another for to a minor indecent exposure
Doubt if the Fund examined his prior record to have confidence while on bail no violent crimes would be insured
With a gun he could not legally possess he ran into someone with whom he had had a “beef”
Sees him at a transit station and what follows shows this felon has not turned over a new leaf
Shoots him and at him twice more as he falls to the ground curled up with arms to up to protect as Tillman walks up and shoots him in the head
Transit first responders arrive to pronounce him dead
Thanks to his rap sheet he is identified by surveillance cams and now in jail
Sadly for him but good news to the citizens of Minneapolis the Fund will not be posting bail
And from Harris not a peep
Too busy with the new Blue line “Fund the Police” image she wants to keep

© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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