Monday, August 15, 2022

Gascom Dodges the Recall Bullet Again as almost 200,000 Signatures Are Thrown Out


The felons, soon to be felons, and minor criminals in L.A. County are jumping for joy
The backers for a recall of George Gascon evidently failed to get enough valid signatures for a recall election to employ
The backers needed 566,877 valid signatures of L.A. County voters but to their dismay
Only 520,050 of those submitted were valid and the other 195,783 were not okay
Gascon turned the justice system into a failed revolving door
Criminals are either not prosecuted or set free without bail to commit crimes some more
L.A. is beginning to ape Chicago, New York and Philadelphia in deadly crime waves
With growing number of innocents being sent too early to urns or graves
Residents and visitors to L.A. County will have to wait until November 2024
Until they will have a chance to vote him out and try to their safety restore
Having dodged the recall bullet twice
Gascon will be emboldened to push his soft on crime vice
Until December 1, 2024 how many will pay the ultimate price?
How many will rush to arm themselves so safety in their homes, businesses and in public they will not have to sacrifice?
A third recall attempt may be the charm
But recall effort burnout will mean Gascon will not face any recall harm

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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