Monday, August 15, 2022

No Transparency Affidavits Used to Validate Search Warrant of Mar-a-Lago Not Released As Attorney Client Privilege May Have Been Shreddedpr


Merrick Garland has probably the straightest face in town
Touting that all are equal in the eyes of the law after the raid on Mar-a-Lago went down
A summary of what was seized, and a copy of the warrant was released to the press
But the release of the affidavits justifying probable cause have been suppressed
The agents seized boxes of what probably are privileged attorney client communications
If so the raid represents a breach of our cherished and vital rule of law foundations
The DOJ appears to be resisting any attempt to have a special master to rule whether the documents fall within the privilege
Which is the normal and cherished procedure when the attorney client protection is alleged
With the lies upon the FISA Court based of the false Steele dossier to surveillance obtain
Many believe that the former reputation for integrity of the FBI and the DOJ has been flushed down the drain
A compelling reason why the affidavits should be released
And any objections of the DOJ to the appointment of a special master should cease
If the narrative that is growing that the raid was really a fishing expedition for the 1/6 Committee to prevent Trump from running in 2024
Is not met with credible facts that it was designed only to protect classified information the DOJ and FBI will find it next to impossible to any shred of credibility to restore

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