Friday, August 5, 2022

Biden Continues to Test Positive as Poster Child For the Limitations on the Vaccine


If we ever had any doubt that Fauci and the CDC on vaccines were blowing smoke
Biden’s latest infection of COVID those doubts would revoke
Joe and Jill were the poster couple walking down the beach side by side
Wearing masks when  on camera but even when on bike rides
Fauci swore the vaccines would slow and prevent the COVID-19 spread
Yet Biden is proof positive that it lessens the symptoms and mortality rates instead
In the inane push to compel every adult to take the needle what have we achieved
Thousands of soldiers, first responders, medical personnel and pilots put on leave
Thousands of school age children stuck in virtual learning to fall behind
A whole generation of elementary school kids with devastated minds
Those left working overtimes to their health impair
Their skills run down with little if any room left for error
The visible signs of collapse are most likely see
In the growing number of cancelled or delayed flights at crowded passenger terminal scenes
Blues and Teachers’ unions want to continue to the masses control
Mask mandates, shutdowns with viral meetings, limited church service and meetings to achieve their goals
© August 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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