Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Biden Proposes to Forgive $10,000 of Student Debt for Those Making Less than $125,000 Which Will Cost the Taxpayers $300 Billion


The Romans used free bread and gladiatorial conquests to the death to win citizens’ favors
Biden less violent will announce for any one earning less than 125 grand up to 10 grand student debt waiver
Total cost the taxpayers will suffer is believed to be north of 300 billion bucks
All those students who in the past have paid off their loans must feel like a bunch of smucks
Something is when it comes to personal responsibility in Biden’s universe does not belong
You borrowed the money to get a degree and now you don’t have to repay is just wrong
In urban cities voters would be driven to the polls
Some petty cash to vote the Blue way to them would be doled
To the students burdened by debt the Blue message is that for nonpayment you are not to blame
You did not cause the pandemic and recession and degrees for landing jobs evaporated
You bought a bunch of classes that any chance of getting a decent job negated
Rather than a write off that more dependence on the feds enhances
A better route would have been lowering the rate and extending the term to enable a debtor to a debt free state advance
© August 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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