Thursday, August 4, 2022

McDonald's Server in Argument Customer Over Whether Fries Were Soggy and Not Hot By Customer's Son Server Was Shot


As violence in our cities continues to soar
A new battlefield has appeared the “French fries” war
Wendy’s has claimed its fries are fresh and hot
Compared to wet and soggy McDonald’s which are not
And to back up that claim with this guarantee
If the fries are not, they will be replaced for free
In Brooklyn at a McDonald’s the Wendy’s claim may have hit home
A dispute over whether fries were soggy turned into a shooting gallery zone
A woman complained that her French fries to her  by McDonalds sold
Were not hot and fresh but more like soggy and cold
Somehow the dispute over the fries spilled out into the street
Where the server and the woman her 20 year old son would meet
The son ended the argument by pulling out a gun and shooting the employee in the neck
Why the argument went into the street and the adage the customer is always right server did reject
Is a sad commentary on why gun violence has run amok
The son charged with attempted murder and the server in critical condition hoping he has not run out of luck

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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