Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Finally Some Sanity In the Swamp To Correct A Major Mistake in Cancelling Massive Amounts of Oil and Gas Leases


Biden may be cognitively shot
But some of his puppeteers are not
With large swaths of oil and gas leasing on federal lands facing regulatory demise
The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act needed compromise
Picked up Manchin after earlier having picked up Sinema to crawl across the finish line
To revert to the past where compromise not suicidal ideology politics was defined
Leases for oil and gas cancelled and in regulatory and litigation limbo land
81 million acres now back online to be explored and fossil fuel shortages to withstand
Going forward new renewable energy leases are to go hand in hand with leases for fossil fuels
Finally some sanity in the Green New Dealers that for a bridge to zero carbon we need those tools
Without we will be stranded on a blackout and brown out pier
Awash in waves of depression and famine that we should fear
Picking off Sinema was easier as it only involved scrapping taxing the carried interest provisions in the bill
Too complicated for the Green New Dealers who chose not to charge up that hill
Climate change warriors are silent over the fossil fuel leases as they should be
Some $350 billion is not chump change for their climate change goody bag spending spree

© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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