Friday, August 26, 2022

A Grand Jury Will If Asked By a D.A. Will Indict a Ham Sandwich and From the DOJ Transparency Is Something You Never Get


The corollary to the adage that a D.A. an indictment of a ham sandwich from a Grand Jury can get
Is that from the DOJ questioned on its bias and procedures transparency is something you can forget
The affidavits justifying the subpoena were so heavily redacted that the basis for the warrant seems hard to justify
20 out of 38 pages heavily or almost completely redacted make it somewhat impossible for the public to come to a conclusion Trump the law refused to comply
One lesson from this potential political witch hunt that future presidents must learn
By clear and convince evidence he or she must declassification affirm
Witnesses to criminal behavior must be protected from threats and abuse
The dog whistles of revenge and violence must never be blown to potential violence be let loose
Understand why the names and identifying characteristics were redacted but why what they wrote or said
Without being able to determine the accusations the affidavits are mostly worthless to have read
Save maybe the letter from Trump’s counsel stating the president can classify or declassify in his absolute discretion
His failure to record in written form sounds more like a not a crime but thoughtless indiscretion
The letter cited that the statues cited in the affidavit as to conduct of officers may not apply
Officers of the U.S. are only those appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate or by Department head who on their services want to rely
Clearly a cloud over the midterms and a distraction from critical issues we face
That sadly will continue after the midterms regardless of the outcomes of those races

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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