Friday, August 12, 2022

Was Mar-a-Lago Raid Designed to Find Confidential Information That Would Bar Trump From Running In 2024?


Merrick Garland came out of isolation not to respond to questions from the press
But to give a speech to any thoughts of improper conduct for the raid suppress
Acknowledged that he gave the authorization to conduct the raid
And warned that he would not tolerate any attempt to the integrity of the FBI degrade
Announced that the DOJ had filed a motion to the search warrant  and search results release
If the supporting affidavits are held back the question of impropriety will increase
The lying of the FBI to obtain the FISA warrants has not by Reds been forgotten
Its once stellar reputation now corrupted and at the higher levels now rotten
Sadly on the raid the MSM will not call a spade a spade
Pundit after pundit would not call the 30 heavily armed agents conducting a raid
Conservatives rightly believe a Deep State exists
Worse it will go to any lengths to the loss of its power resist
Since Trump came down the Trump Tower escalator stairs
e has been a target of those who with their power do not wish to share
If Trump removed material from the White House to take with him
A federal statute almost never used could give the Deep State a great win
If found guilty Trump would be forever from federal office barred
Their fallback ace in the hole if 1/6 show trial can’t find that Trump’s 1/6 acts went too far

© 8/12/2022 The Alaskanpoet


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