Thursday, August 25, 2022

DOJ Has Submitted Redacted Warrant Affidavits


People suffering from dementia face a terrible curse
Their minds are like low tide sand castles that in six hours are reversed
The slender silver cloud in the disease is that memory loss gives one a plausible denial  Delivered forcibly with a straight face or a trustworthy smile
Biden when asked if had warning or knowledge of the Mar-a-Lago raid
Absolutely none as any short term memory would be subject to a total fade
It may be that while Garland has his mind fogged with SCOTUS no vote rage
But high levels at the DOJ fearful of the outrage chose not to Biden engage
The DOJ met its Thursday deadline to provide the redactions to the affidavits it proposes
Given the DOJ’s at the highest levels its anti-Trump bias expect to see line and line black redactions show
While the DOJ was fighting tooth and nail to keep the affidavit sealed
Another evidence of bias a whistle blower has just revealed
Hunter Biden’s laptop which is a road map of corruption that may even include “the Big Guy”
The DOJ chose to sit on its investigation until after 2020’s Election Day

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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