Saturday, August 20, 2022

Mom Leaving Kids in Locked Car on Hot Day To Shop in Walmart For 35 Minutes Lucky Good Sam Crawled Through Sun Roof To Remove Them Before They Died


As we appear to be in the midst of climate change with much hotter days
The rule against leaving pets and children in locked cars really needs to be obeyed
Parked in the sunlight even with windows partially open and the sunroof open too
The temperature inside the car will quickly become more like a barbecue
In Oklahoma City at a Walmart a woman parked her car in the Sun and went inside
Leaving 2 2 year olds strapped in car seats that she had with her for her ride
A heat wave day and the temperature inside quickly soared to deadly heights
Walmart security guard tried the door and burned his hand this scenario was not going to turn out right
The owner of the car was paged to return to her car but she dallied to check out
The tots now nonresponsive would soon lose their trying to stay alive in the heat bout
An unnamed Good Samaritan woman managed to crawl through the sun roof and remove the kids
Quickly put into an airconditioned security car with air on full cooling blast to heat prostration rid
Police were called and the mom lied she had been in the store for only minutes  5
Instead of getting down on her knees and thanking God her kids were still alive
35 minutes of time in Walmart the surveillance cameras confirmed
Don’t know if she was arrested but we hope the lesson of not leaving kids in a car has by her forever learned

© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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