Wednesday, August 10, 2022

How Many of the New 87,000 Agents Will Be Packing During the Expanded Audits of Middle Income Taxpayers Earning Less Than $75,000t


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to believe the DOJ has weaponized the FBI
To not only do its job of fighting crime but also on those who on conservative ideas want to apply
Any doubt you had on this look only to 30 heavily armed FBI agents who raided Trump’s home
Turned it into for Trump’s lawyers who wanted to monitor their behavior an exclusion zone
The basis for the warrant signed by an Obama donor magistrate concealed
Wray and Garland MIA in explaining why records were seized not subpoenaed for delivery to FBI
Why did the DOJ and FBI feel that they must not follow procedures and precedence deny?
If the House passes the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act 87,000 new agents will be hired
In a job posting that has been posted since February of this year and has not expired
The IRS is looking for agents fit and able to carry
Firearms that if used will the targeted person be ready to bury
Not clear what type of agent has duties that would require him to be armed
If auditors in the new 87,000 will be carrying it should sound the alarm
Auditing someone to extract more revenue because of fraud or mistake is one thing
But a firearm to an audit is something that no IRS agent should be allowed to bring
Reds believe that thousands more audits will occur and they are sure
That 60% of the audits will be of people earning less than $75 grand to meeting the $124 million collections insure
We are entering a new era of potential IRS near extortion and suppression
Too often be aimed not at criminal fraud but those political animals imbued with conservative thought and expression
“We’re from the IRS we are here to help you”
Will be a revenue scam that law abiding unable to afford lawyers and CPA’s will the Act’s passage rue

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