Monday, August 15, 2022

Nothing Like a Close Election to Bring Some Sanity to Blue Governor Murphy's Acts

 Governor Murphy became the first Blue in 4 decades to win reelection for a second term
With a razor thin margin, the folly of some Blue positions he must have learned
Ran on a pledge not to raise taxes in one of the highest taxed states
Wise move as high income resident tired of taxing authorities they cannot sate|
Are voting with their feet and moving out
Where tax rates do an income earners ability to save not rout
Even wiser was his executive order ending vaccine mandates
For government contractors, teachers, students, state workers and  nonpublic health care  workers in the state
In a bow to the teachers unions powers to state government control
School districts may adopt vaccine  mandates for those who work there or are enrolled
The nation is suffering from a decreasing worker participation rate
Impacting the amount of goods we produce and causing prices to inflate
Great first steps for a Blue Governor in a deep Blue state
The next one should be for him to the teaching of CRT and gender identity abate

©  August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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