Monday, August 15, 2022

3 Trump Passports, 1 Expired, Seized Raising Question Will the DOJ Try To Keep Claiming Trump About To Be Arrested Is Flight Risk?


We now find that among the boxes and items from the raid carted away
Were three Trump passports, one expired, which if not returned Trump in the U.S. will have to stay
A judge after an arrested person has posted bail will require as a condition the person turns over his passport
To a potential flight from the country to escape trial abort
Doubt if the FBI has that power since possessing a passport in not a crime
If the FBI slow walks Trump’s demand for return an indication that forthcoming criminal charges are only a question of time
The fact that the DOJ is refusing to release the affidavits used to prove probable cause
Is another indication that the DOJ may be under pressure by Biden to find a provable violation of the law
We are treading down a very slippery path looking more and more it is strewn with banana peels
Instead of being a true Banana Republic that deposed leaders face a firing squad here we only a chance to run again repeal
We should be frightened for our republic to its very core
As Blues not satisfied with Biden’s being just an Obama third term  want at least 1 more

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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