Monday, August 15, 2022

School Boards Continue to Wage War Against Parents Protesting Mask Mandates, Viral Learning and Teaching CRT


The Rochester School Board in Michigan must be oblivious to the growing parental rage
That is growing across the nation as school boards a war on classroom learning wage
Coupled with mask mandates in elementary schools
That are not an effective COVID fighting tool
Emboldened by the DOJ’s pronouncements that parents are domestic terrorists for protesting the teaching of CRT
It retaliated against a parent who argued mask mandates should be history
By having a deputy district superintendent call the parent’s employer to complain
That the parent’s comments were dangerous from making them she did not refrain
The employer then quickly discharged her lying to her that her position was no longer to be filled
Only to then post on social media that the employer needed to hire someone with the discharged parent’s duties and skills
The discharged mom sued the district and the district settled for 190 grand
A shame the number was not ten times more to bring an end to the assault of concerned parents’ free speech waged across this land
The settlement evidently did not teach a lesson to the school board
As the deputy received a 3 year renewal of her contract as a reward
The only way tyrants waging war against parents will proper behavior learn
Is for concerned parents to run against them so to their tyranny they are not returned
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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