Thursday, August 11, 2022

When the Misnamed Inflation Reduction Act Is Passed Membership in NTEU May More Than Double Along With PAC Campaign Contributions That Are 97 to 99% to Bluespwi


We all know that the Teachers’ Unions act like adjuncts of the DNC
Donating large sums of money almost exclusively to Blues’ election candidacies
No surprise as the Blues are in almost lock step with opposition to charter schools
Opposition to parents having more school choice as a failing urban school improvement tool
To no surprise there is another union that will be almost doubling its member numbers
The National Treasury Employees Union whose PAC contributions to Reds it usually cumbers
In 2020 of the over $600,000 of its PAC contributions less than 3 % went to Reds
So far in 2022 the NTEU’s PAC’s contributions of over $200,000 only 1.3% and the rest to Blues instead
If the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act is passed NTEU’s members will from 70,000 to 157,000 more than double
Which means parents wanting school choice, charter schools, in class learning  and end to woke learning are in trouble
The real victims in this near monopoly of contributions to the Blues are course the kids
Trapped in failing schools that no amount of more money seems to fix and poor teachers who are impossible to rid
Instead of gateways and springboards to opportunities they are doomed to fail
On a conveyor belt leading them to a life on welfare or a prison cell after spending several trips to jail

© August 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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