Monday, July 18, 2022

With More Concealed Carry Permits Robbing Victims Runs a Greater Risk of Being Shot


If more and more law abiding citizens are getting conceal and carry permits
Home invasions and armed robbery are going to entail more risk to commit
If your victim is unarmed your chances of getting shot are nil
The only risk to the robber is that the victim is not carrying enough currency bills
 Armed thugs looking to rob can thank SCOTUS for making their crimes have greater risk
More and more their victims in a pocket or quick draw holster a gun may exist
Approaching a victim may mean approaching with a gun drawn
If armed with only a knife good chance to end up in Forest Lawn
After grabbing the cash turning then sprinting away
Could mean a bullet in the back on its way
Backing up with the gun pointed at the victim’s chest until 20 or 30 yards away
Visible any motorist, security cam, or pedestrian with a risk of 911 call to ruin your day
The threat now to criminals is now very real
If the victim has an easily reachable gun he has concealed
In Houston a thug was trying to rob his victim at an ATM taking out cash
Who pulled a gun and both fired but the thug with a slug to the ground crashed
To avoid the risk a thug will first fire
And move to rob after the victim has expired
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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