Monday, July 11, 2022

Cruz Demands Merrick Garland Appear Before a Senate Committee on DOJ Security Measures for SCOTUS Justices


It is time for Merrick Garland to move on from his snit fit of being denied a confirmation vote
And start doing his job as AG to insure the protection of the Justices of SCOTUS resources to devote
Kavanaugh came close to being assassinated by a Blue who was mentally ill
Had he not called his sister who urged him to call 911 Kavanaugh could have been killed
Shut Down DC is following the Mad Maxine Waters in their faces playbook in social media spades
$50 bounty to anyone who reports the location of a pro Dobbs Justice so they can be subject to threatening tirades
Given the dog whistles of violence against the pro Dobbs six by the radical members for prochoice
And the refusal of leading Blues to condemn threats of violence against them in a clear and sincere voice
How long to we have to wait
Before a pro Dobbs Justice to suffer a violent fate
Senator Cruz is demanding this spoiled AG before a Senate hearing appear
No judge federal or state should based on a decision made or about to be made have to live in fear

© July 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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