Thursday, July 14, 2022

Is Soft on Crime D.A. Jason Williams, Indicted For Tax Fraud Behind in New Orleans Soaring Murder Rate?


New Orleans known as the “Big Easy” may need a new name
"Murder Capital" that will not bring it only disdain
In murders per capital worldwide it ranks at number nine
Which has been subject to a steady and rapid climb
The party city known for its Mardi Gras
For residents the murder rate breaking the last straw
Jason Williams was elected in 2021 as a progressive D.A. to the office run
As a Gascon like clone who enhancements for habitual criminals would shun
Of the felony cases closed in 2021  a 53 % conviction rate of 6% on their original charge on arrest
First 5 months of 2022, 18 convictions as charged, dismissed 72, reduced 98 to misdemeanors and 89 pled to lesser felonies which soft on crime suggests
Unlike Gascon, voters will not need a petition signed by 20% of the voters in his Parish
To bring the act of recall to a special election vote to see if his term perishes
He has been indicted on multiple counts of federal tax evasion
If prosecutors obtain a conviction by skillful suasion
Williams will be disbarred and can no longer as D.A. of New Orleans Parish serve
Innocent until proven guilty rule of law preserved
If he is forced to go we hope a qualified hard of crime D.A. is elected in his place
To return to the Big Easy and the soaring murder rate be erased
© July 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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