Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Believe Pelosi's Claim That She Never Gave Husband Insider Information To Trade on and You Believe In the Tooth Fairy


Three great lies that still persist
Ensuring that truth has ceased to exist
“We’re from the government and here to help,” “The check’s in the mail”
“My husband Paul never traded off my information” as the third to the truth assail
Paul Pelosi has made millions in his timing of buys or sells
Hard to believe his knack for timing is not due in part to what Nancy to him tells
The federal government has grown so large its impact on the economy is huge
If pending legislation imposes adverse taxes or regulations on an industry, it can unleash a selling deluge
Or if pending legislation will grant subsidies or favorable tax treatment to a sector it will add dollars to that sectors’ tills
The trick to making money is to have insight of where the votes  are on passage or rejection of the bill
Pelosi as Speaker probably knows within a vote or two a bill’s chances
Unless Nancy and Paul have separate bedrooms and wealth accumulation is not their major romance
Hard to believe insider information tips
Not shared at coffee table or while heads on pillow slips
Holding office has become a career
Influence of lobbyists’ and PACs’ cash is something we should fear
If Lord Acton were alive today
He would solemnly say
“All power corrupts
As does lobbyist cash but corruption is not abrupt”

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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