Tuesday, July 26, 2022

No Numbers Came To My Mega Millions Field Of Dreams


Tonight millions of dreams went down in flames
For those lured by $830 million who played the Mega Million game
How many players thought if they would promise millions to charitable causes
Bettering the human condition they could overcome the probability odds laws?
Many thought they could their chances of winning enhance
If welfare for their fellow humans their new millions would advance
This poet dreamed of adding to his scholarship fund by increasing the number of schools that funds could receive
And the number of high schools whose students could a loan free education achieve
And to insure the foundation formed had a chance to grow
Ear marking $100 million to venture capital funds to start-ups sow
Only a $2 dream that was easy come easy go
There are no probability gods favoring great causes I for sure now know
Of the six numbers I picked with links to birthdays, class years and wedding days
Not a single number selected came my way
If no one wins the pot will be over a billion bucks
I will dream again for $2 and relying solely on not how to spend the winnings but on Irish luck

© July 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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