Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The View Caves on the Air, Eating Crow and Apologizing to TPUSA


After the ladies of the Clueless View defamed TPUSA with allegations that Neo-Nazis had by the group been let in
The show was hit with a cease and desist letter demanding retraction  or face a law suit ABC must have known TPUSA would win
The View did the right thing and delivered its on air apology for its false claims they knew to be not true
Sara Raines not Whoopi Goldberg drew the straw to deliver the apology Whoopi Goldberg must truly rue
Hopefully Whoopi has learned a lesson and will such nonsense in the future not repeat
And other conservative will if they are slandered on The View   also quickly file or with them another cease and desist greet
Too often the MSM has been allowed to their base pander
Stirring them up with false claims that conservatives slander
If Whoopi manages to curtail her slanderous rants viewers could be treated to
Rational discussion on issues instead of rants prompting damaged targets to sue
Might even increase their viewing base
Viewers might even get some needed moderation in place

© July 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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