Friday, July 15, 2022

Manchin Is the Horatio at the Bridge to Inflation Fight If He Stands Firm We Will Overcome the Crippling Inflation Plight


Biden’s senior advisors and Cabinet picks sadly share a common trait
As inflation continues to spiral out of control and not abate
Business experience is minimal and next to zero
Not a chance in Hell any of them can be inflation fighting heroes
With too much money chasing too few goods
Blues now trying to resurrect Build Back Better revealing the cause of inflation not understood
If Blues have their way some 2 trillion  new dollars will come into play
The inflation that Biden touted 11 months ago as “transitory”  will look like it is here to stay
Manchin is the inflation fighter Horatio at the bridge
Facing the progressives who do not want to the spending in the bill abridge
If the Senate Bill does not pass the reconciliation test
Schumer cannot put the filibuster rules to rest
Schumer and his Blues are beating a dead horse
As inflation soars, to fight it Blues will have to change course
Rather than going hat in hand
Begging for more oil from Middle Eastern lands
Biden has to increase domestic oil production instead of on Putin prices blame
Restored the Trump energy policies which Biden quickly flushed down the drain

©  July 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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