Friday, July 15, 2022

January 6 Committee Slow Walking Hearings To "00 Keep "Insurrection in Voters' Minds


The January Committee has become more and more of a farce
The televised prime time productions show its heavy on bias and on objectivity very sparse
Solemn pronouncements by the chairs, Thompson and Cheney, on the need to the threat to our democracy protest
While totally ignoring the 2020 Floyd riots across the nation that killed 19, caused some $2 billion in damages and 14,000 arrests
Like a Chinese water torture it has slowly so very slowly moved on
Slow walking the process so a Trump candidacy in 2024 will never greet the dawn
If Trump does run the events of January 6 due to the continuing hearings will be front and center in voters’ minds
Blues desperately seeking to somehow, someway minimize the size of the Red Wave waking up on November 4, 2022 we will find
If our politicized  AG Merrick Garland decides that he can indict Trump
If he acts after the Red convention if nominated, he would be pulled from the stump
Reds would be in total shambles
Picking a replacement in a desperate scramble
Reds will have to weigh Trump’s winning  policies against his personality
And the extent to which Blues and Indies are galvanized to vote against him due to departure from normality

© July 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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