Saturday, July 30, 2022

The American Public Cannot Be Crucified on the Tiffany Cross of Bias


Tiffany Cross by her parents was clearly misnamed
Her behavior ridicules and merits only shame
Tiffany is not the purveyor of fine jewels that their beauty and value keep
No she is the purveyor of bias and fake news that put viewers to sleep
A Pinocchio news puppet that distorts the truth by omitting opposing news
Too often in lock step with the DNC and the slanted zealots of The View
Like the vampires who when exposed to sunlight burst into flame
The idea that a conservative would join The View makes her insane
Alyssa Griffin formerly of the Trump Administration will become a permanent co-host
In Cross’ slanted and biased mind, the co-host deserved only be become toast
Only if TV follows the edicts of the DNC can they qualification as a news outlet boast
Even though they are watched by the few and Fox across prime time is watched by most
The NTY’s masthead proclaims “Democracy in Darkness Dies”
When it should read “Democracy in the Shadows of One Party News Dies”

© 7/30/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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