Friday, July 22, 2022

Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly Help Needed to Block Roopalai Desaii Nomination to 9th Circuit


Biden may be thwarted in Congress with his progressive agenda to this country destroy
But thanks to Chucky Schumer his judicial nominations are moving at flank speed to on the bench be deployed
The 9th Circuit of Appeals is infamous for leftist leanings off the charts
Leads the Circuits for SCOTUS overruling decisions that from the Constitution depart
Comes as no surprise that Biden’s latest nomination for the 9th Roopali Desaii
As this nation is struggling to endure titanic waves of violent crime
Is so far to the left that either Senators Sinema or Kelly should her nomination deny
She’s on the board of the JCA which advocates defund the police and end prison time
Cities unsafe now rising crime and cashless bail for felons to awaiting bail
More criminal activity while out will entail
69 judges the Blue Senate has put in place, the curse that will keep on giving
More and more Americans each day a different result in 2020 will be wishing
In November the damage must come to an end
Red control in the first days of January so no more progressive nominees to the Senate will Biden send

© July 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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