Saturday, July 16, 2022

Let Them Drive EV's Instead of Eating Cake Is Mayor "Marie Antoinette" Pete's Solution to Gas Prices

 When it comes to transportation Mayor Pete's only skill

Was to insure the on Mayor Pete's South Bend street the pot holes were first to fill

When it comes to incompetence in the Biden Administration look no further than Mayor Peter

The aloof poster child of why Blues in Congress in 2022 we must in a landslide defeat

A loyal foot soldier to Biden’s Fossil Fuels War

At home while Biden begs for oil as prices soar

Pete’s suggestion for oil prices is that we must buy more EV’s

Even though today most Americans cannot afford this luxury

Intones that the feds are trying to reduce the EV’s cost

Another massive spending bill to insure the war on inflation is lost

Ignores that fact that range and charging time is not up to par

Compared to gas they take too much time and won’t go very far

Batteries need a quantum jump forward in range, charging station availability and time

Until that is achieved the percentage of new EV’s bought will only slowly climb

Lost in the push to create an EV purchasing surge

Is the increasing demand on our power grid and the threat of black outs and brown outs to emerge

Demand for more electricity to charge EV’s will exceed the growth of wind and solar generated electricity

Both of which in calm winds or rain and darkness have much lessened reliability

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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