Tuesday, July 26, 2022

On False Claims of Neo-Nazi Involvement At Turning Point USA The View and Its Co-host Hit With a Cease and Desist Demandaw


When everyone is called a racist who is not a rabid Blue zealot
It’s shaming power quickly dwindles to squat
A person called a racist when he or she knows she is not
Shuts down and completely dismisses all of the caller’s thoughts
But call a person a Nazi with images of the holocaust still alive
Images of Holocaust survivors skin and bone from starvation revived
If an entertainer demands to have a “Nazi’s” show taken off the air
If an author, social media pundit or speaker demands he or she not have a forum for his or her thoughts to share
Parade  permits cancelled and Antifa with clubs soon on the scene
The ideology of Nazis so vile that when they appear in public people do more than just demean
They too often cross the line and appearances they violently resist
Explain why Turning Point USA was so quick to demand The View cease and desist
From falsely claiming the group let Neo-Nazis into the convention
Ignoring the group’s rejection and condemnation
Goldberg and Behar on false Neo- Nazis’ involvement could not refrain
They and their slanderous behavior should be flushed down the drain

© 7/26/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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