Friday, July 8, 2022

Shade of Willie Horton Deja Vu As Biden Signs Executive Order Insuring Right 2 Travel Bemoans the Plight of a 10 Year Old Girl Who Had To Travel T Indiana For Her AbortioniIha


In the 1988 presidential election George H.W. Bush was the beneficiary of Massachusetts’ felon work furlough program for a weekend
Under the guise of rehabilitation convicted felons could be released to at a workplace a weekend spend
A bill to exclude convicted first degree murderers from the program was by Dukakis subjected to his veto
Which enabled Willie Horton a convicted first degree murderer off to a workplace for a weekend go
Horton must not have the idea of rehabilitation learned
After furloughed on June 6, 1986 to prison he never returned
Less than a year later still outside of prison in Oxon Hill, Maryland on April 3, 1987 he twice raped a woman and stabbed her fiancé
Fortunately for citizens’ safety he was quickly arrested, convicted for life without possibility of parole and in prison is rotting away
Bush made Horton the poster child
For a furlough program releasing cons run wild
Horton’s mug shot was in Bush Campaign ad slamming the Weekend Pass
Dukakis’ chances to win the White House were quickly smashed
Biden announcing his executive order insuring women can travel from states that severely restrict abortion to those that do not
Then in a Horton like moment introduced us to the 10 year old girl in Ohio that was raped by her uncle but her abortion blocked
6 weeks pregnant so this poor child had to endure going to Indiana to have it performed
Then ranted to scare us all that this rogue SCOTUS would be banning contraceptives and same sex and interracial marriages as the new norm
Total distortion of Dobbs as he reverted to his demonic look and whisper urging women to vote
Only kind word about his performance is that at least he did not name or a photo of the girl produce
But so desperate to deflect us from inflation, border invasion, crime, gas prices and recession let the fears of coat hanger abortions loose
© July 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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