Saturday, July 16, 2022

Lawsuit To Ban Skittles Because of Titanium Oxide Used To Color


In the Northern District of California in the class action case of Thames v. Mars
The sale of Skittles to the public is sought to be barred
Not because of too much sugar but because they are coated with titanium oxide
The health risk to humans its consumption we can no longer abide
Mars announced in 2016 that titanium oxide used to color coat Skittles
Was to be discontinued for use in the popular candy vittles
The chemical in other products causes damage to brain, organ and DNA
The European Union next month will it ban more restrictive than our FDA
Who have ruled its use is still OK as long as its weight is less than one percent
When other levels of toxicity are measure in milligrams time to eating Skittles relent
If the class action lawsuit prevails watch for the soon to air ads on TV
“If you or your loved one have consumed Skittles we may win dollars for thee”
Whether the plaintiff wins or not eating less candy would be a good thing
Too much sugar consumed a whole host of problems starting from obesity to diabetes to one’s body bring

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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