Thursday, July 7, 2022

Instead Focusing on Failing Test Scores, Drop Outs and School Violence NEA Pushing "Birthing Parent" As Opposed To Motherut ?Tfailing tefauku focus


The NEA that was so instrumental in keeping our schools needlessly locked down
And deviating from teaching the 3 R’s to our kids in CRT, gender identity and wokeness drown
Now under the guise of inclusion and bending to the imaginary will of transgenders and queers
Want to ban the use of “mother” and in its place “birthing parent” appear
The term “birthing parent” denigrates a mother’s role to being only a carrier during the fetal term
And then the qualities a mother brings to parenting process dismiss as not meriting concern
So the first words spoken by a baby will not be “Dada” and “Mama”
But “Dada” and “BP” as the two parents marvel at the new linguistic awe
The left has provided for same sex marriages; gay couples can adopt or use a surrogate to conceive
That somehow the term “mother” would make transgenders feel left out, excluded and make them grieve
A linguistic tempest in a teapot that should take up little of the NEA’s time
When it should be focused on failing test scores, drop outs and school house crime
If a transgender male in a relationship with kids involved is the “female partner” or “wife”
Use the term “step mom” which in many heterosexual families with divorce is a fact of life

The NEA must focus not on Woke but for our kids excelling at their jobs
Which should be teaching the skills to succeed in life, so their emotional and financial security is not robbed
© July 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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