Monday, July 11, 2022

Reasons Why Even With High Gas Prices Buyers Reluctant To Buy EV's


As gasoline prices are still in the stratosphere
Reluctance of buyers to go all electric still appear
Not enough charging stations and too long to charge
Not enough range are the reluctance reasons that loom large
Not mentioned but which should be in the back of any EV potential buyer’s mind

In many parts of the nation rising electrical demands will put aging power grids in a bind
California is warning that customers face brownouts and blackouts during the summer season
High air conditioning use during sizzling temperatures and power shut offs during wild fires are part of the reason
Unless a car owner has a back up power generator during a black out his EV may be to the garage confined
Another reason the rush to the Green New Deal may well take a lot more time
Hybrids may be a logical first stop—an EV when stuck in traffic or an In-And-Out Burger line
But when moving at higher speeds the gasoline engine works just fine
A wake-up call that perhaps we may should be building nuclear power generating plants once more
As demand outpaces the growth of renewable energy sources especially as temperatures soar
© July 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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