Sunday, July 31, 2022

Protonitazene Is Fentanyl on Steroids and a Gift From China Making the American Overdose Scene


The U.S. with its open border thanks to Joe Biden and his lackey heading the DHS
Still reeling with each day more fentanyl with its deadly ability to life suppress
Is now being faced with drug number two in deadlier one two punch
A new synthetic opioid from China protonitazene
Is now appearing on the U.S. overdose scene
Three times more deadly than fentanyl
In its ability to the unsuspecting user kill
Narcan the first line of defense against fentanyl over dose deaths
May with a protonitazene unconscious state need three times the dose to bring back breaths
China since fentanyl is not used there and neither protonitazene to stop the export will do squat
And unless the prison sentences are truly draconian our law enforcement efforts will go for naught
Increased funding for the CBP and ICE is needed along with a fully completed wall
Since the Blues will oppose and dismiss the drug fatal overdose problems they must be swept out this fall

© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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