Thursday, July 14, 2022

Gascon Thumbs Nose at the People To Appeal a Court Requiring Him To Follow CA's Three Strike Law


Soon to be facing recall once the signatures are verified
Gascon must believe he is recall proof and voters he can defy
Refusing to enforce California’s three strike law
An Appellate court found his case flawed
Rather that accede  to the will of the people fed up with rising crime
He filed an appeal with our Supreme Court to overturn what will be a difficult climb
The fact that he appealed as opposed to follow the three strike law
Will remind voters that his view of the criminal justice system is flawed
Across the nation there are too many D.A.’s that refuse to prosecute
A reason the smash and grab invasion of stores has taken root
Coupled with legislators under the guise of criminal reform
With or without ankle bracelets cashless bail has been born
Released on cashless bail back onto the streets
Before the arresting officer can  his reports complete
In too many cities with D.A.’s like Gascon
No more do the crime and do the time but rather be released before dawn
© 7/14/ 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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