Friday, July 29, 2022

More and More Blue Leaders Are Joining Blue Rank and File To Not Want Biden To Run


The leaks in the Biden Reelection dam are beginning to spring
Concerned Blues in Congress up for reelection are sweating what the Red Wave  will bring
What once was when asked if they would support him in 2024
They dodged the question by stating they had to focus on their race more
Now watching his approval numbers slide drop
More are worried their opponents will their election floor with a landslide mop
Their opponents will run on the claim the only way to block Biden’s mistakes
Is to a vote for House or Senate candidates forsake
Dean Phillips running for reelection in Minnesota is firm that Biden should not run
The party needs new blood and due to his age in 2024 voters will him shun
In Oregon Andrea Salinas, worried that Biden’s approval rating is driving her chances down is a snit
Still on the fence indicating she would support him but wanting him to run she would not commit
Once a dam has sprung a leak at its base if not plugged it will grow
Growing  stream of water will the seeds of a dam collapse sow
To save Blue seats having him announce he will not run will not do the trick
With two years left of his term his failed policies and growing dementia will make the nation sick
Unlike Wilson felled by a stroke but without TV shielded by Edith Wilson from public eyes
Was able to conceal his disability but Jill due to TV and memory lapses even on teleprompters will not be able to it deny
Biden’s cognitive failings make him for the job unfit
To reach any remaining years to enjoy he will have to quit
Effective after the midterm
Or the Blues will crash and burn

7/29/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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