Saturday, July 16, 2022

AOC Rightfully Concerned She May Be Out of Touch With Her Constituents


AOC in a moment of self-reflection in an interview said “being out of touch with her constituents was a concern”
Could it be that she might be a feeling that being further left than her voters she is starting to discern
An observer watching numerous appearances on TV and on social media posts tweets
Would easily come to the conclusion that by pushing a national progressive agenda her constituent needs take the backseat
If you are a progressive Blue worthy of being on the Squad
She is quick to endorse and campaign that your opponent is flawed
Totally ignorant of the issues like crime, inflation, and border that are moving voters to the right
The country will be a better place if she is ousted on primary election night
Her dog whistle tweets about Kavanaugh may appeal to her left fanatics online
But most Americans probably feel that those praising assassination attempts should be confined
But her opponent Edgardo Marrero seems to be unknown with no social media posts
So like many Congressional seats AOC to an easy primary will coast
Tina Forte is one of the 4 Red  primary candidates whom AOC might be wise to debate avoid
She’s on the issues center right and will point out how the American Dream by AOC’s policies will be destroyed

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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