Thursday, July 21, 2022

A Growing Trend In the Surge of Violent Crime Thugs Killed By Those Who Conceal and Carry?


As violent crime increases and the number of cops decrease
And Soros backed D.A.’s too quickly repeat felons release
While response times for 911 calls increase
And urban cities morgues fill up with deceased
More and more citizens realize your safety is in their hands
And they when out of their house need a weapon to an assault withstand
Fortunately the 2nd and SCOTUS has made it easier to legally conceal and carry
The violent thugs bent on assault or robbery run into an armed citizen who will them bury
In Missouri at a Quick Trip service station Lance Bush having stolen a SUV was inside with the cashier
A man with a concealed carry thought he witnessed and sensed a lot of fear
Bush had just put a knife to her throat when asked her if everything was all right
Bush released her and came around the counter with a knife to a gun fight
If to a gun fight you bring only a knife
Great chance you will be shot and lose your life
For the man not a great amount of joy
But to save his life and the clerk’s his gun he had to employ
For thugs a lot to now be wary
Not a just a rare chance your victim is conceal and carry

© July 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet



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