Sunday, July 10, 2022

June CPI Numbers To Be Released On Wednesday Will Most Like Show Inflation Rising


The lights must be burning late in the White House wondering how the June CPI numbers can be revised
As the smart money is betting that this Wednesday they will show inflation is still on the rise
If the data being released includes the 2nd quarter GNP
Most likely it will confirm we are in a recession to conform to what we daily see
Biden has been preaching to a deaf choir
That the economy is on a roll and will go higher
More and more Americans are suffering from inflation and their pain is getting dire
Solutions to inflation are in plain sight but Biden will not his fossil fuel war retire
The slight decrease will be short-lived as the summer driving session is in full swing
 For each cent increase per gallon how many more Red voters to the polls will it bring
As it stands today the only reed the Blues can run on is Dobbs
And the fear that the states will the right to abortion up to the moment of birth rob
If people see fetuses about to be born aborted to die
If this is what Abortion Haven states are running on, disgusted voters Blue votes should deny

If the Red Wave drowns large numbers of House and Senate Blues
Any speculation of Biden being a candidate in 2024 will be through
© July 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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