Friday, July 29, 2022

Finally Biden Showing Some Sense on Open Border By Filling Gaps in Wall Near Yuma


“Not another foot” was Biden’s campaign cry
As Majorakas’ “the border is secure” blatant lie
Finally is being drowned out by the sound of thousands of shuffling illegals’ feet
Forcing Biden to finally admit he was wrong to Trump’s Wall construction defeat
There are 4 gaps in the wall in the Yuma sector that will be completed
Those illegals seeking to ape the 160,000 in Yuma through June will no longer by 4 wide open gaps be greeted
Biden delusionally claimed a wall was “racist” and “xenophobic” and “wouldn’t work”
Ignoring the obvious that open gaps are a welcome sign and believing otherwise is a strange quirk
As the 160,000 illegals who crossed the border at Yuma represented a 4 fold increase
Like all other sectors without sections of the wall the tidal wave of illegals has not ceased
The announcement was made without any fanfare
Not wanting to alarm the rabid Progressive wing of the Blues that insist no security should be there
Before we start with high fives
Thinking the wall construction will be revived
An 86 mile section in the Rio Grande Valley is on hold pending an “environmental review”
Probably being slow walked and ignorant of the increase in carbon emissions from over 2,000,000 illegals coming through

© July 29,2022 The Alaskanpoet

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