Thursday, July 28, 2022

NIMBY Mayor Bowser of the Swamp Wants National Guard Armories To Used To Housed Illegals


When it comes to the open border disaster that border states and communities face
Liberal Blue cities and states become blind and tone deaf wanting illegals to go other places
And when the surge continues bringing with it drugs, crime, newly overcrowded and burdened social services and schools
They become the most vocal, rabid MIMBYS ranting illegals coming to their cities have been fooled
Illegals are welcomed by the elite if they and their problems are nowhere near
Protected by walled communities and private armed security they and their kids are safe and sound
No so their unwalled distant neighbors dealing with failing schools, homeless, drug abuse and 24/7 gunfire sounds
The left is quick to chant the mantra that corporations must in taxes pay their fair share
But the misery endured by record illegal immigration in their neighborhood they will not bear
Under Biden, the federal government has refused to enforce our laws banning illegal immigration
Instead with food and shelter and bogus amnesty it encourages illegals to come here without hesitation
Mayor Bowser seeing the homeless shelters swamped by bussed illegals wants the National Guard to come to the city’s aid
Remove the weapons from its armories and open them up to illegals bussed up from Texas in a steady parade
If the states are suffering an invasion which clearly, they are
And the feds refuse to stop. the states have to right to the other side of their entrance bar

© July 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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