Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Policy and Retirement Leaving Chicago with Increasing Crime and Decreasing Arrests


The Windy City of Chicago is being buffeted by the perfect storm
On one hand violent crime increasing has become the norm
And on the flip side arrests have dropped to record lows
The Thin Blue Line gets thinner each day as into safer cities or retirement officers go
Fewer cops mean fewer arrests and more thugs emboldened by the idea they won’t get caught
The only silver lining in the violent crime wave is a slight drop in the number of victims shot
Cops are now restrained from chases by vehicle or racing feet
Greater chance for a thug to a potential pursuit defeat
Traffic stops by policy are becoming rarer each day
Reducing the chances of finding a thug with guns or drugs along the way
Fewer arrests mean victims less likely to report a crime
Who wants to file a complaint with little likelihood of arrest for a waste of time?
Statistics can be manipulated to advance one’s cause
But when it comes to safety and livability this statistic is without flaws
Illinois leads the nation in net out migration from the state
And Chicago is the leading metropolitan area experiencing the same fate

© 7/19/2022 The Alaskanpoet



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