Saturday, July 9, 2022

U.S. Not an Outlier On Abortion and Biden's Story On the 10 Year Old Not Verifiable


Biden’s brazen attempt to use a 10 year old girl as a Willie Horton like cry against the Reds has crashed and burned
As from a liberal soft on Biden fact checker the absence of corroborating sources for the alleged rape we are beginning to learn
No confirmation from the doctor Caitlin Bernard who performed the abortion though she may be HIPA refrained
No name of the Ohio referring doctor of the rape or his required report to the state with the rape contained
In a social media frenzy the Indy Star report went viral and was requoted again and again to be viewed as a fact
When any corroboration of the rape and the abortion it lacked
If the abortion and raped did occur our hearts should go out to the ten year old
No child should ever have to endure what is one of the saddest and heinous stories told
On the Dobbs decision unfortunately Biden the truth disdains
And only distortions and lies reigns
The U.S. is not the outlier when it comes to in the industrialized nations banning access to the abortion door
Ireland and Germany 12 weeks, Italy 13, France, Austria and Spain 14, 12 nations 20 and UK 24.
The two icons of human rights North Korea and China allow abortions after 20 weeks
How can we ever some sense of compromise and unity on this divide achieve with Biden lying on it when he speaks?

© July 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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