Sunday, July 10, 2022

Michael Moore Proposing Constitutional Amendment to Eliminate the 2nd Amendment and Severely Limit Use and Gun Ownership


Since pistols are not used for hunting or for target shooting they will be most likely for the general population outlawed
People will have to defend themselves in their home or in public with their bare hands or mace reality now flawed
Women and the elderly against knives, axes, chains and clubs will not have a chance
Even if the confiscation of the 400 million guns present quickly advances
A basic right of a human being is the ability to defend oneself by whatever means or tools in reach
Whether in public or in one’s home that has been invaded and breached
Daily in addition to guns we see people killed by non-gun weapons like knives, bats, clubs and axes or by mobs with fists and feet
Not knowing whether a victim might be armed to any attack defeat
Will make someone bent on violent crime refrain unless on drugs sky high
Or lusting to commit suicide and finally die
The only good thing Moore has done is put his money where his mouth resides
Informing us he owns no guns and hires no security to be by his side
© July 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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