Friday, July 29, 2022

On China's If Pelosi Visits Taiwan Biden Must Tell China to Pound Rice


Pelosi is a tyrant when it comes to disciplining wayward Blues
Stray from her approved Blue voting bloc and your power in the House is through
Other than at times AOC and Squad off on a voting stray
Nancy usually gets her way
If she wins reelection which is a reasonably safe bet
But if the Red Wave drowns enough Blues to her Speakership forget
Any thoughts she might still be Minority Leader should disappear
Her ego of being replaced will not let her join the leadership second tier
Her Swan Song may be her Asian nation visiting tour that so far includes Taiwan
Rattling sabers China is warning that if she visits it she will never see another dawn
A spineless weak president with a son compromised by Chinese dealings is coming home to roost
Emboldening our foes like China and giving their world hegemony goals a deadly boos
Taiwan is a democracy in action and in name and bowing to China would not in any way the quest for world hegemony tame
Would strip us of the label of leader of the free world and send our standing and prestige down in flames
Biden needs to get some spine and tell the Chinese firmly on Taiwan invasion threats to pound rice
And approve the sale of requested aircraft such that to invade China would think more than twice
We are running out of time to from China our supply chain shift
New mantra of build and buy in America to our GNP lift

© July 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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