Sunday, July 31, 2022

Has Biden Caved to Xi On Pelosi's Stop in Taiwan As Taiwan Omitted From Her Asian Trip Itinerary


Supposedly the White House leaked the story that Pelosi in her Asian trip
Would also visit Taiwan causing vile threats from China if that stop she didn’t skip
China adheres to the fallacy that Taiwan is a province of China that has broken away
And is now emboldened before Taiwan is brought back into the fold even by force is counting the days
After seeing the freedom supposedly granted by the turnover treaty to Hong Kong
Not to be observed by China and becoming the former colony’s freedom swan song
Only a small minority of Taiwanese want to toss their freedoms to the CCP
Knowing that adherences of freedom promises would have a very short history
 President XI looking for the CCP to affirm him as president for life
Is wagging the dog on Taiwan and against the U.S. promoting a unifying war-like strife
Looks like Biden has once again caved as Pelosi’s itinerary Taiwan as a stop omits
Accounts of his 2 hour speech with Xi claiming he raised slave labor and Uighur rights they did not admit
$6 billion of sales of 66 new advanced F-16’s approved by Trump in 2020 are not even being built
While China is an arms buildup that would make Taiwan’s defenses under assault quickly wilt
Stuck with a president without mental fitness or acts as opposed to words for a spine
On Taiwan like on Ukraine on preventing an invasion we are running out of time
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