Sunday, July 10, 2022

New York Concealed Carry Permit Requirements Struck Down By SCOTUS Applicants May Have To Reveal Social Media Sites Poststhavcc


Governor Hochul owes her position to Andrew Cuomo’s too active reptilian brain
Like so many Blues in power her rants against the 2nd and SCOTUS she can’t contain
With gun violence running rampart in her state especially in New York City
Where innocents are gunned down throughout without any remorse or pity
To leave one’s house without a concealed weapon one should be wary
Unarmed means a chance a thug would shoot and cause you to be buried
SCOTUS struck down New York’s draconian concealed carry permit restrictions
That meant almost the equivalent of concealed carry prohibition
Good cause to carry was the burden that had to be shown
Doubtful an actual or imminent threat to safety by a victim would be known
But Hochul’s response was not to prohibit where concealed carry might be used
But rather to require an applicant to reveal one’s social media sites to see the permit might be abused
She has in essence at the ruling of SCOTUS thumbed her nose
When regulations are finalized more litigation as this issue is not closed

 © July 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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