Saturday, July 9, 2022

AOC Instead of Being a 24/7 Publicity Hound Could Better Serve This Nation By Trying To End Its Deep and Growing Division


AOC, a useless legislator, is a 24/7 publicity hound addict
Too often her rants to social media with the truth her “facts” conflict
During the events of January 6 and the Capitol being stormed
In her office away from the Capitol she was tweeting her fear for her life her followers so informed
Not a single protester was in her office or her office building near
What a crock that for her life she was in fear
When Kavanaugh enjoying a dinner at Morton’s was forced by Dobbs’ protesters to leave
Unlike most sane Americans who were appalled she cheered what the protesters achieved
She has adopted hook, line and sinker the Maxine Waters get in Reds’ faces playbook
Forcing them to flee public places like unwanted felon crooks
From surrounding a dinner table with signs, shouts and closed fists
Violence like that at a Congressional Baseball Game practice is hard for Blue fanatics to resist
For Biden and his fellow Blues she and her Squad are the squeakiest of the wheels
Hope her voters remember when inflation driven by fossil fuels war make it hard to buy meals
© July 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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