Saturday, July 23, 2022

WHO Warns Us on the Spreading Monkey Pox


The generals of the virus armies attacking the world must be leaping with glee
As the new subvariant of Omicron has been spreading on an infection spree
The bold assertions by Biden that he would wipeout COVID are but a distant faded memory
Lulled into false security that vaccinations would stop the spread by pronouncements by the CDC
Sadly the new subvariant is overwhelming our immune system and vaccinations do not block
Now we are forced to prepare for the Monkey Pox spreading shock
Almost 2000 cases and spreading like wildfire
No firm handle on how many infected can expect to expire
Hideous large pimples erupting on the skin including arms and hands
At least those infected will not detection efforts visually withstand
Like AIDS many of the early cases are male to male sexual transmission
But to think it will not spread to heterosexual activity would be a grievous omission
The good news is that there is a monkey pox vaccine
The bad news is that there are not enough doses to arrive on the virus fighting scene
Maybe time to fall back on the tried and true of washing hands, zinc and vitamin C
Until more vaccine  doses and anti-pox drugs are there for you and me

© July 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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